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November 25, 2009

A Veritable Cornucopia of Links.

For your holiday reading pleasure.


Inside Higher Ed: Palintology. ~speculates on Sarah Palin’s favorite work of postmodern theory (Jean Baudrillard?) and employs the phrase “performative maverickiness.”

Jeffrey Feldman: “…Why People Like to Stuff People Like You into Ovens” ~explains how to deal with people spouting violent ideology. Starting with: Don’t be afraid.

Chicago Reader: A Kink in the Campaign. ~profiles the S&M master challenging a Chicago Machine candidate for office.

Natalia Antonova: Russia is a “criminal state”? Er… ~calls out Bill Browder for political posturing.


Why has the United States not signed on to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?

… or the Land Mine Ban Treaty?

Russia, meanwhile introduced a permanent ban on capital punishment, offered to reduce Co2 emissions between 20 percent and 25 percent below 1990s levels by 2010, (which appears to be more than the US is committing to), and has agreed not to fine Ukraine for the next few months, scrapping the tought talk for, ahem, cordial humour. Apparently Putin’s also planning Georgian reunification, too?


RIAN: Putin’s lost female tiger found. ~even Vova’s cats sometimes run off…

Der Spiegel: Girls for Gadhafi: Libyan Leader Hands out Korans to Hundreds of Italian Beauties. ~in which Brother Leader informs, “you believe that Jesus was crucified, but that didn’t happen. God took him to the heavens. They crucified some guy who looked like him.”


Philip Roth is nominated for the “Bad sex in fiction” Award. ~need I say more?

OpenSpace.ru: Сурков признал авторство «Околоноля» ~Viktor Erofeev says Surkov confessed to authoring that gangsta-fiction book.


Tool: translate.google.com. You knew it could translate for you, but did you know it could do a translated search for you?

Blog: Izo.com. Fully of art, kitsch, gossip and NSFW brilliance.

Books: Platforme, by Houellebecq, and We, by Zamyatin. Nice uplifting holiday fare…

And on that note, have a happy Thanksgiving. In honor of which I present a Turkey Day Classic:

Eat up!

September 30, 2009

seen, heard and ruminated upon.

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I am still not up for blogging seriously which is why I’m not cranking out a smug “Told ya so!” post about the EU Commission’s findings that Georgia started that war last year. I am feeling much improved physically, but am slammed with work and generally uninspired. The doctor (who is a fine, fine doctor, btw, don’t listen to Mary, she’s just trying to scare me) said I need to wait another week before I can get a flu shot, because that’s when I should be fully recovered, immune system-wise. So if I am still not fully recovered, inspiration-wise, by next week, it means this writer’s block is philosophical and not medical in nature. It be the swine flu of the soul.

Meanwhile, I share. (more…)

September 25, 2009

too much tv.

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I’m so sick I’ve nothing to say. Except that Qaddafi is my new favorite celebrity. That he travels with his own tent (but no KOA directory, I guess) and wants to dissolve Switzerland is astonishing enough. But that 90 min. … erm, “speech” – wow! Just wow! If that doesn’t make you want to run out and take Public Speaking 101 or join Toastmasters, whatever will? After seeing the cloaked one and Chavez at the UN, it strikes me that what our enemies in the developing world lack is: speechwriters. It’s too bad, really, because if you can actually make yourself listen to them, they have some very seriously valid things to say. It’s just the delivery that distracts and allows the Western Hegemony to discount their words as those of lunatics. Still, I admire the way they say whatever they like and don’t care what others think of them. Reminds me of me in high school. Know what else reminds me of high school? The way the popular kids get up and leave when one of the so-called lunatics gets up to speak, treating the UN like it were a middle school cafeteria and Ahmadinejad had the balls to sit at the jocks’ table. Grow up people. And what else? Oh I could have happily gone my whole entire life without seeing Tom Delay shake his ass in some nasty old brown polyester pants (in case you didn’t get the aesthetic he’s going for: exploded colostomy bag.) Possibly the creepiest thing ever shown on network TV. They should have a warning before his performances, like the BBC does with flash photography. Anyway, I am going to have to boycott reality tv dancing shows until he’s voted off. Which is a lot harder than it sounds when you have the god damned flu. (Not swine flu though! Whew.) Another thing I should have been able to live my life without fear of: Boris Yeltsin running around slobbering drunk in his underwear. And what is this pattern of nekkid Russian leaders? I hope Dima keeps his clothes on. He has good clothes. OMG, did you see his fab aubergine tie? He’s fall fashion forward! My nail polish matches his tie! Now there is a man who knows how to respect the UN! Speaking of awesome (clothed) Russians at the UN, is Anastasia Churkina Vitaly Churkin’s daughter or something? And, lastly in the progression of thoughts travelling through my bored to tears mind, does the FSB really have nothing better to do than make sex tapes? And bad sex tapes at that? There are lots of pornographers in Russia. I would assume. Given her inglorious history of fine filmmaking and fallen women. If the intelligence organs have lost interest in things like national security and old-school KGB spookiness and really want to get into the low budget not even really porn scene, they could do a lot better. What else?

I was supposed to go camping this weekend. But I have the flu. And it is raining. 😦

September 4, 2009

Odds & Ends from across the pond.

Or across the Lake!, or across the street! Some of you might even be in this very room. looks around nervously…

Contents: The Putins play doctor, Dr. Phil that is; Donkey bloggin’ in Azerbaijan; After the rapture, we get all your pets; Socialism, the slippery slope to Cannibalism; and the abolition of Switzerland.

It’s hard to post an edition of Odds & Ends as an antidote to the serious news when the serious news is about a creepy guy with baggy t-shirts and unwashed hair and scary yet melancholy look in his big eyes who is a maritime expert for a State-owned news station (and who would pretend to be getting calls from hostages of pirates on his cell phone) who suggested something about nukes or drugs being on the Arctic Sea instead of wood and something about or Russians or Israelis being on the Arctic Sea instead of pirates so who after a month of padding an already spectacularly weird story with his own weird theories left for Turkey on a routine business trip and then phoned his paper to say he was retiring after he got there and who then called the BBC and RIA Novosti and anyone else who would listen and told them that some scary men, maybe the FSB, had called him in the middle of the night and told him to stop talking about nukes and such so he fled the country fearing for his life.

But that won’t stop me from trying!


I don’t use the word “creeptastic” often, but… (more…)

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