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October 12, 2009

Speaking of Congratulations

Congrats to Liliya Shobukhova, the woman who won the Chicago marathon yesterday, and Lidiya Grigoryeva, who came in 3rd. Both women are from Russia and both complain that Chicago is TOO COLD. LOL!

Grigoryeva, the defending champion, agreed that Russia deserves its reputation as a cold place “most of the time” but added: “It was still too cold here for the marathon. When I left Russia, I thought it would be summertime (in Chicago), very warm weather.”

The only native Russian who didn’t find it too cold to race Sunday was women’s wheelchair winner Tatyana McFadden, born in St. Petersburg and adopted at 6 by a Maryland family.

“I put on tons of layers and didn’t think about the cold,” she said.

It was colder in Chicago, with temperatures in the 30s during the elite runners’ time on the course, than it was Sunday in Shobukhova’s hometown, Beloretsk, near the Ural Mountains, or in Grigoryeva’s hometown, Cheboksary, 400 miles east of Moscow, according to data on a weather Web site.

“My time was very disappointing,” Shobukhova said. “I was expecting to break the Russian record, but it was too cold.”

No matter what the weather had been, it would have been even more remarkable for Shobukhova, 31, to break that record than it was to win in only her second marathon in 2 hours, 25 minutes, 56 seconds.

The Russian record, 2:20.47, was set by another runner from Beloretsk, Galina Bogomolova, at the 2006 Chicago Marathon.

“Not today. Too cold,” Shobukhova said.

Even the Russians think Chicago is too cold. What the hell are we doing living here, people?

Better question, what were 45,000 people, many of whom were wearing little more than support bras and spandex shorts, thinking running 26 miles in below freezing temps? I’ve always been suspicious of runners, who think this activity is some kind of sport when there are real people out there who actually have real things to run from. Like bears, stray dogs, little brothers or even the law. Now I think we have confirmation that runners are completely nuts. Yesterday morning, sane people were in their warm homes, in warm pj’s, drinking warm beverages and watching the marathon on TV! 🙂

Strangely, the winning male runner, Samuel Wanjiru, who is from freaking Kenya, did not make a big deal about the below freezing temps. (more…)

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