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September 16, 2009

lqd: Putin will become president again in 2012 – maybe.

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A must read article deconstructing the deconstruction of Putin’s Valdai Club remarks.

So apparently every year the Valdai Discussion Club, which is some … well, discussion club, comprised of experts and journalists and the usual suspects, gathers for a little Q&A with Russia’s leaders. Some refer to this as a PR stunt, but I think it’s quite lovely in the same way I think the annual live Q&A with Putin taking questions from random people is lovely. Unlike those more vernacular Q&A’s, I can’t say if the Valdai Club have asked him about the Cthulhu or his sex life. But they did ask him about running for President in 2012. And Oh Boy! has the press had a field day. Of course, if he’d said, “I’d like some more tea, please,” there would be Kremlinologists and Putinologists and simple morons reading, “Yes, I will run in 2012,” into those tea leaves. It’s all very tiresome, IMO. I’m not into forecasting and crystal balls. If you call it correctly, do you get a prize? I mean, no one has contacted me to say, “You were right! He did not change the Constitution to run in 2008! Here’s your all expenses paid trip to Tahiti! Enjoy!” I suppose as a game it is fun. It is. But boy does it piss me off when people treat politics as a spectator sport, from high atop their moral horses. Do they remove the lobe that detects irony before awarding a journalism degree these days? (more…)


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