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March 21, 2011

and Peace.

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The following is from an e-mail I received from a college friend (one who as it happens studied Russian with me…) I am posting it here, with her permission, because there is too much negativity and suffering and ugliness in the world, and I feel partly responsible for propagating it. So I’d like to put something positive out there into the world to counter that. She is much better at being positive than I…

Dear loved ones,

Happy Holi!

Happy Equinox!

Feeling the connections between all of us, and the powerful planetary
pulls which direct our consciousness-

The largest full moon of the year, and the closest to the earth that
it has been since 1993, the orb of spring hangs balanced directly
between sun and earth in chaste Virgo Sun sitting in Pisces at the
point of the vernal equinox where day and night are elegantly poised
in tandem, gazing at one another in calm mutual adoration through the
eyes of sun and moon.

A rare alignment of the Sun with the planet Uranus at the Equinox
point (0 Aries) under which we dance and laugh and overstep the
boundaries of decorum to smear colors on one another.

“On this day,” says my elderly house-owner, as he and his wife and two
daughters waylay me on the staircase with handfuls of orange powder
and huge grins, “you cannot refuse anyone….”

Suddenly, kirtan, clapping…tambourine! Erupt from outside the window..”Ganapati om, Ganapati om!”

“Govinda Hare, Gopala Hare….”

On the porch next door, the family, with pink, purple and green faces,
sit reverently for puja.

A band of purple/pink striped mauraders carrying bags of color (some
respectable members of society I suspect) go door to door clanging
cymbals and demanding entry, the charged atmosphere is punctuated by the squeals of ecstatic children, I catch the sheepish grins of a few
grown men with squirt guns on rooftops and inside the confines of
their gated compounds given over completely to the mood, sporting
Jackson Pollak-designed tee-shirts in pink and green.

Here in my little rooftop room, Krishna is wearing a new fragrant
garland and there are rice-flour decorations on the floor.

Krishna, the Lord of sport, Lord of the lila, out of infinite
compassion for us in our delusion, delicately peels open the petals of
the lotus in the heart and releases the fragrance of divine love, he
is the lotus, the bee, the intoxicating nectar, and lest we become too
lost in the heady beauty of his mesmerizing attraction, he shakes the
earth with the shattering magnitude of his force, striking awe into
our very core at the enormous power of the divine being-

“with many hands, bellies, mouths and eyes, possessing infinite forms
on every side…blinding with the effulgence of the blazing fire and
sun, and immeasurable…with no beginning, middle or end, of infinite
prowess, with infinite arms, with the sun and moon for your eyes and
the blazing fire in your mouths, scorching this universe with your
radiance…hosts of gods are entering into you, some being frightened
are praising you with joined palms, while the bands of great sages and
perfected souls, uttering the word ‘peace’ are praising you with
numerous hymns.

O infinite being, o ruler of the gods, o abode of the world, you are
imperishable, the manifest and the unmanifest, and that which is
beyond both. You are the primeval god, the ancient being. You are
the supreme repository of this universe. You are the knower and the
knowable, the highest abode. O you of infinite form, by you is the
universe pervaded.

Salutations, a thousandfold salutation to you; salutations again and
again to you. Salutations”

Om Namo Narayana.

I’m not a religious person. I don’t even know if I am a spiritual person. But it’s rather beautiful, isn’t it? Poetic, even. Salutations, dear readers!

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