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December 30, 2010

С Новым годом! With lists! And Akvarium!

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I was goolging about for some vintage Soviet New Year cards and, in addition to finding girls with boob jobs, Patrick Armstrong and lolkat.ru, I came across some interesting cards. Like, what is this about? I assume it is pre-revolutionary. What is that clown doing? I don’t even know.

I also found the Scariest. Cheburashka. Evar. Gah!

It’s the end of the year, I’m exhausted and have little to say. Mishka’s gettin’ another 6 years? Ooof, if you only knew the wall of sound that was Western coverage of this story, you’d think Putin had just cancelled all elections and begun televised public hangings. I’ve been ambivalent about the who situation from the start, but for the life of me cannot imagine what is new to say about Khodorkovsky…

Do you like year-end lists? It’s become rather fashionable to snub them; ironic hipsters and scholars mewing on and on about how unscientific they are. Personally, I find their assumption that these lists are meant to be scientific, anything at all other than a narcissistic, fun way to pass some of the inordinate time off and postpone having to use critical thinking skills until your brain fully recovers from the liquid abuse it’s received over the past week or two, very unscientific.

So here goes!

1. FP. Last Action Hero: Vladimir Putin’s year of adventure.

He’s everywhere: Even by his own high-octane standards, the Russian prime minister had a banner year in 2010. Using carefully staged photo ops featuring, animals, celebrities and his own feats of derring-do, he more than demonstrated his still rock-solid dominance of Russian politics.

Ooooh, 2010 in Vova photos… I like this one. It has a cheezy 70’s spy movie feel:


2. Strictly Global. Dawn’s Mixtape 2010.

I don’t actually know many of those bands. But I love the show Strictly Global. It’s where I learned of artists like Shugo Tokumaru and Fever Ray.

3. Roger Ebert. The 10 best foreign films of 2010.

Again, not familiar with these, but it seems like a good reference to have…

4. Moscow News. Russians of the year.

Nominations include:

Activist Yevgeniya Chirikova, for pushing the environment back onto Russia’s agenda

Yevgeniya Chirikova became the flag-bearer of the group in defence of Khimki forest, had to dodge some attacks and even offered to run for president. And while her campaigners lost the first round, by the looks of it, the fight is not yet over.

Anna Chapman, for adding the sizzle to summer’s top scandal

Anna Chapman entered our lives as one of the spies caught in New York. Since then she returned to Russia in a spy exchange straight from a Bond film and tried a number of careers: a nightclub hostess, a business advisor, an innovator and a youth party official.

Blogger Alexei Navalny, for shining a light into the darker corners of official business

Alexei Navalny has been fighting corruption in state structures for a long time, called for more exposure of the system, and asked some questions of the Prime Minister’s summer break.

5. National Geographic. Best Space Discoveries of 2010.

#8. Astronauts’ Fingernails Falling Off.

Astronauts with wider hands are more likely to have their fingernails fall off after working or training in space suit gloves, according to a study released in September.

In fact, fingernail trauma and other hand injuries—no matter your hand size—are collectively the number one nuisance for spacewalkers. For now, the only solutions are to apply protective dressings, keep nails trimmed short, or do some extreme preventative maintenance.

“I have heard of a couple people who’ve removed their fingernails in advance of an EVA”—aka a spacewalk—a study co-author said.

I chose that one because #2. “Hints of Structures”Beyond Universe” and #1. “Black Holes Contain Universes?” are frankly beyond my comprehension at this time.

Ok, I can’t even make it to 10!

Why? I am too excited. I have a Christmas present to share with you! I know some Americans are thinking I am pretty pathetic with my late gift-giving. But of course, it is just in time for Novy God, and you can even re-gift it to yourselves again on Orthodox Christmas. (What? The consumerization of the Orthodox holiday is only a matter of time… Capitalism spreads like a cancer, and you are not immune.)

Akvarium: “Christmas Night.”

“It has been a personal tradition of ours for many years to start listening to various traditional Christmas songs few weeks before the Holiday Season began. This tradition always created a very special magic atmosphere for this Celebration of Renewal.

I always thought that there should have been songs like that in Russian, but for some reason we could not find them. For the lack of such songs, we wrote one ourselves. Or, it will be correct to say that the song wrote itself, with a wonderful poem of A. Fet as lyrics.

This song is our humble contribution to the celebration of Christmas and New Year.

Joy and Light to all of you!”

You too, BG. You too!

But wait. There is more. They have just released Записки о Флоре и Фауне. It is a double disk set of some 1982 recordings done in a Petersburg dorm, and it is fantastic, classic, old-school Akvarium. Please enjoy!

And have a fantastic, safe, happy and overall worthwhile New Years!



  1. Apropos scary Cheburashka, I wanted to show you the really fun Cheburashka picture, but failed to find it. Instead, I found following images:


    Comment by Evgeny — December 31, 2010 @ 11:56 AM | Reply

  2. Happy New Year, Poemless!! I hope you indulged in liquid abuse until your fingernails fell off; once or twice a year won’t do you any long-term harm (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, although I play one on TV). I’m damned if I can see the link between vintage Soviet New-Year cards and girls with boob jobs, unless the latter simply attach themselves to each and every subject so as to achieve maximum exposure.

    Comment by marknesop — January 5, 2011 @ 1:17 PM | Reply

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