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July 31, 2009


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This little experiment is the one aspect of my I will attempt to keep low-maintenance. This means:

Template. I am currently using a pre-designed template. I’m not going to go all out to design my own website until I know if I can commit to this. Or until I learn how to design a website. Which, to be honest, is not high on my list of skills to acquire before I die. In the meantime, I might experiment with other templates. Or hunt down someone who knows what a “custom header” is and how to create one and force them to do my bidding.

Troubleshooting. I have no clue how to run a blog. I am figuring this out as I go along. You can complain but I’m less likely to yell like a banshee at you for complaining if your complaint comes with a suggestion of how to change whatever you’re annoyed with. I’m probably annoyed with it too.

Comments. Comments are currently moderated. That means I have to approve your first comment. Then you can (theoretically) comment as much as you can stand until faced with the horrible reality that you should cultivate your real life. I’ll be away for the weekend at campaign boot-camp, so don’t flip out if your comments don’t show up right away. Have patience. Or you can comment right now and I’ll green-light you for life.

That said – I encourage your comments. If you are here, you are smart and have smart things to say.

Blogroll. Currently, the blogroll consists of sites which 1) I actually read, 2) are in English and 3) appear to be active. (Hence the tragic absence of Mr. Shedd.) I can only order it alphabetically. Do you have a blog you think I should blogroll? Does it have anything remotely to do with the focus of my blog? Let me know. Have I overlooked you? Speak up!

Schedule. I will write whenever I have something to write about. My current goal is something vaguely along the lines of: Odds & Ends once a month, serious-ish posts maybe once a week, and empty-calories content whenever it strikes my fancy.

Content. There are already blogs with links to every resource you could ever desire. There are already blogs with migraine-inducing bling. There are already blogs with gadgets and widgets and new, entertaining ways to waste your valuable time. I left my job at a bookshop when we began selling singing fish. I have no interest in singing fish. I know nothing about singing fish. I don’t understand what purpose they are meant to serve. I liked peddling books. Words. Ideas. So that’s what I will be peddling here. Except, I’m allergic to Capitalism. So I won’t be peddling, but sharing with you that which was never mine to begin with and can never be yours and asking you to share too. Or something like that. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need! And all that jazz.

Yes. This is my idea of “low-maintenance.”


  1. Enjoy the ride poemless…create a blog terrific.

    Comment by siegestate — August 1, 2009 @ 8:39 AM | Reply

  2. p.s. – when you create a link to another site, you need to make that link go to a new blank page, otherwise, people will be leaving you and forgetting to come back. This way, your page stays open.

    …in html you would close the new page’s argument with – TARGET=”_blank”>.

    If I remember correctly, there is a dropdown that selects a blank page when you do the hyperlink, which makes it easier.

    Comment by siegestate — August 1, 2009 @ 8:58 AM | Reply

    • Thanks for the advice!

      Comment by poemless — August 3, 2009 @ 2:27 PM | Reply

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