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Comments Policy

Comments are not only welcome, but encouraged. They make me feel loved, and, more importantly, have the power to inform and enlighten. On a serious note, I am not here to dictate. I write in order to acquire knowledge as much as to disseminate it (… perhaps moreso.) So corrections, dissent and other points of view are invited.

That said, I have an authoritarian streak.

House rules regarding comments:

1. Comments are moderated. All first-time commenters must be approved by me. Sometimes even regular commenters will be queued for approval if they are using a different computer, handle, e-mail address or something. I try to approve comments as soon as possible, but please be patient. I will get to them.

2. Some commenters have reported a lag time between posting a comment and seeing it appear. Again, please be patient. Comments should eventually appear, but if they don’t, let me know. They may be caught in moderation or the spam filter.

3. There is a “reply” option after every comment. If you are replying to someone, for the love of god, use the freaking reply button already.

4. “Outing” commenters is prohibited. Revealing any personal information, including the name, of other commenters is not allowed.

5. Ad hominem attacks on other commenters is prohibited.

6. Keep all personal vendettas and past rows personal and in the past. Do not bring them here. And grow up.

7. Do not monopolize or hijack a conversation. If you have left the last 5 comments, maybe it is time to go for a walk or something. This blog is not about you. That doesn’t mean you are not worthy of a blog. Just that you should get your own.

8. I reserve the right to delete anything I find spamming, trolling, threatening, hateful, deceitful or otherwise abusive.

9. For that matter, I reserve the right to delete comments, ban posters and censor my blog as I see fit. (This way, when I don’t do these things, I will turn out to be a kinder person than I thought I was. Which seems preferable to the alternative, somehow.)

10. Make me think.

I really have a high threshold of tolerance for subversion, dissent, obnoxiousness, righteous indignation and the obscene, as well as different ideologies. The only things that I have really no tolerance for are racism & sexism & hate-mongering. I never want this to be a place where anyone feels discouraged to participate in discussion because they might have an unpopular position. The readership of this blog includes communists, socialists, free-market liberals, democrats, republicans, conservatives, those who support the current Russian administration, those who oppose it, Christians, atheists, bankers, lawyers, academics, playwrights… I cannot even begin to express how much this delights me. I ask that anyone who contributes to this blog please respect this.

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